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Consuelito said:
Thursday, 6 Apr 2017
Hi, good evening. Is this a school? I have a student that has 55 years , she has cerebral paralisis, she would like to study at your school, What age is accepted there?, Does the school offer transportation? Do you have bathroom for handicap?. She is a great leaner, she loves to study and she is very smart.
Sharon said:
Friday, 27 Jan 2017
Having had the chance to browse this wonderful website with such useful source of information. I will signpost to families and organisations of which this site would be of interest. Thanks again
Neelam said:
Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016
I am supporting students with their level 2 certificate in principles of working with individuals with learning disabilities. Information will be really useful.
Roselle said:
Wednesday, 3 Apr 2013
Thank you for providing the opportunity for people to learn about the disabilities and help and support that can be gained. My interest is pre-school education. many thanks
Paul said:
Tuesday, 24 Jul 2012
Very useful site. I will recommend it to my colleagues and clients and their families. Paul Miller. Community Nurse for people with a learning disability.
ROBERT said:
Monday, 16 Jul 2012
The pages on "Non-vocal Learning Disability were most informative.
Joyce said:
Sunday, 6 May 2012
Your website is so informative and educative.Thank you for such good work
Stacie said:
Thursday, 8 Mar 2012
Hello I recently found this site and im very impressed with the information here its refreshing and provides support for all areas of disabbility
Jane said:
Sunday, 13 Nov 2011
I like the the fact that alot of the mutli page govenment documents and Acts, are simplified and the main relevant issues specific to people with learning disabilities are provided easy to read and understand.
Jayne said:
Thursday, 29 Sep 2011
Thank you, your site is most informative, I find it extremely interesting.
Eileen said:
Monday, 29 Aug 2011
I shall be ensuring our new support and care staff read your various topics to assist their understanding when they enter our employment. We are a small service provider working in the community supporting individuals with learning disabilities. Thank you for your efforts in creating this excellent site.
Andrea said:
Thursday, 28 Jul 2011
I really like you website! I work in the LD field and it is good to find such a wide range of information on the subject. Keep up the good work!
Sandra said:
Sunday, 10 Jul 2011
I would like to receive more information. I'm graduated in Psychopedagogy and would like to inprove my knowledge inthis matter. Thank you! Sandra Simões
Ian said:
Sunday, 17 Apr 2011
Hello Im Ian, I am a student learning disabilities nurse at southampton uni. I was wondering how often your website is updated and where does all your information come from, just incase I need to reference your site I need to know if the information is credited and validated. Many thanks Ian
Sarah said:
Monday, 7 Mar 2011
Great information thankyou
KIRSTI said:
Sunday, 27 Feb 2011
Extremely accessible and informative site,excellent.
Diane said:
Saturday, 19 Feb 2011
I have worked and supported young people with learning disabilities,and I found it very interesting and very worth while and they have tought me a lot .
Michelle said:
Saturday, 8 Jan 2011
Have just entered a new career within this field... I enjoyed this website as it gave me lots of information to help me with my new career.. Look forward to updates.
Stephen said:
Friday, 15 Oct 2010
Hi, i'm a first year social work student and I look forward to your updates in order to further help me understand issues around learning disability.
Bill said:
Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010
I am a trustee with a learning disability service in Calderdale. Your site is a useful tool for keeping people up to date with 'what's new' within the learning disability community.
Jenny said:
Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010
Hello I am a student nurse who is soon going into placement within the community and am preparing myself by exploring learning disabilities, the best way for care delivery, the best methods of communicating etc... I also work for a charity in this field and am researching epilepsy and how to cope with those who suffer in order to give them a better quality of life Thanks Jenny
Tendai said:
Thursday, 29 Jul 2010
Iam training as a learning disability nurse and I find your information very useful thanx very much
Mandy said:
Wednesday, 30 Jun 2010
This site looks very useful
ANNA said:
Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010
Sue said:
Wednesday, 26 May 2010
This looks like a great site. My interest is autism and ASDs
Lynda said:
Friday, 14 May 2010
Came across your website by accident. Delighted to find such an informative yet realistic site.
Rebecca said:
Wednesday, 7 Apr 2010
I'm in my second year studying learning disabilities nursing. Think this is a great site, really informative and easy to use :o)
Simon said:
Sunday, 14 Mar 2010
Very good easy to use site...
Julie-Ann said:
Monday, 8 Mar 2010
A very comprehensive website.Thank you.
Julie said:
Friday, 19 Feb 2010
I am a nursing student doing the learning disability branch an feel that the site is a useful tool and will be using it throughout my training and worklife.
Julia said:
Tuesday, 10 Nov 2009
Hiya I am a student rnld and feel this site will be a useful resource over my training and beyond
John said:
Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009
Thanks for an informative website, it helps to make sense of changes in day care and what is on offer for people with learning disabilities.
Laiza said:
Friday, 16 Oct 2009
I find it very informative and educative.
Leena said:
Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009
I have a child with LD. I find your site very helpful and supportive for me to cope as a carer and support my child for a better life. Thanks.
Dawud said:
Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009
This is a veru interesting and informative site that introduces visitors to a range of issues and information about leanring difficulties and disabilities. I look forward to receiving your monthly newsletter.
Mainak said:
Thursday, 11 Jun 2009
Good work... Keep it up...
Samantha said:
Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009
Found your site very useful. I hope to become a learning disabilities support worker, and it has provided me with great information.
Kendra said:
Sunday, 29 Mar 2009
Great site, full of excellent information.
Lindsay said:
Tuesday, 3 Mar 2009
Brilliant website! We will be employing a support worker with LD lead to work with Carers of those with LD and this website will be very useful.
William said:
Thursday, 13 Nov 2008
I think this site is fantastic keep up the good work.